Parish Social Evening - Saturday 14 January 2023

(in thanksgiving to those who contributed to the development of our parish last year, and over the years)


Parish Afternoon Social - Wednesday 11 September 2019


Family Mass and Picnic: Sunday 17 June 2018


On Easter Sunday Fr Hugh was talking about picture galleries and asked people to think of photographs related to the parish which we could put up on our website and Facebook.  So after Mass Carol, who leads the singing at the 9.30 am, took the suggestion into her own hands and got a few of us to pose for a selfie.  Also included are some photographs that Carol took in the church later.


Special Mass on Tuesday 13 February 2018 celebrated by the new Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Jude Okolo, to mark the 200th anniversary of St John Vianney, the CurĂ© of Ars, going to his parish in Ars for the first time.